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A Fresh and Edgy Single from Vernons Future Has Arrived

A brand new single release from Vernons Future brings out a refreshing but almost vintage late '90s alternative pop soundscape with this lush and almost cinematic backbone at times that bring in all these different sets of instrumentation from keys, organs, guitars, beats, and a little bit of experimental production, along with vocals that give off a certain kind of swagger in a way and the whole thing is delivered with a ton of persona and I think that's what really hits the hardest.

"Steerpike" does indeed have a little bit of a tripped out under time of times but I love that about it as it comes along with these waves of Sonic presence here and there which include synth pads that are used to sort of add to the atmosphere of the track, different kinds of keys that are used more of an upfront instrument that at times harmonize with what the guitars are doing or what the vocals are doing, and the song just has an amazing way of building at times which is really cool.

What I mean when I say sways is that the song has the feeling of being alive and breathing at times and there are more than a few surprises around the corners throughout the track which is super pleasurable.

I think one of the things I love most about this is the blend of textures that you're hearing when you listen to the song along with that arrangement and how they decide to bring in different elements like percussion and in other new sounds that you hear the deeper in you go.

The way that all of it compliments each other is genius and you get that classic '90s vibe from it which I definitely did because it's got a blend of color and edginess that ends up being a really well-balanced feel.

There is a great vastness that the song boasts as well but you get more of that in the full version as the track was released with a radio edit that's a few minutes shorter.

You definitely have to go with the full 5-minute version of this track to get the entire spectrum of what it has to offer because it's bountiful and has this floaty undertone at times that has the ability to kind of wrap itself around you and keep you right where it wants to.

There is a robustness to this track and just the way that they built it and put it together with so many fewer boundaries than the norm is something to look up to musically and also something I think is part of what the future of music actually is and will be because being able to bend genres and release songs with no walls around it or exact formulas that need to be followed, is what the future music is going to be.

It takes bands like this one to be able to open those kinds of doors and they do it in such a wonderfully experimental way while still delivering a song that has a mystery to it but also this catchiness that grabs at you.

This track is definitely edgy but it's also really fun and has a certain looseness to it that shows the band's personality a little bit and I think that's also really important when you release music as a band.

Songs that show some of your character or persona is super important and a lot of bands don't do that because again, they're following these sort of cookie cutter formulas so when you hear a song like this, you know that Vernons Future is certainly not one of those bands and you can begin to expect some of the unexpected which in my book is something I look forward to musically.

This was an awesome track that is certainly more than meets the eye and it's best to listen to it with headphones so you could really soak in the whole world of it and hear all the different elements that come in and out of the song.

Definitely check this out when you can and remember where you heard it first.

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