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A Fresh And Classic Single From Phonosonics

A fresh single release from Phonosonics brings a crisp and lush reggae and rock vibe that feels bright, colorful, vibrant and sets the tone with deep-rooted grooves that are strong enough for you to start shaking your ass in your seat.

"End of The World" is a hell of a jive and is packed with beautiful instrumentation along with a pretty important message that talks about how we as people are divided and how if the end of the world comes, we should be together for it instead.

This is a powerful message and it's done in a really beautiful approach as you get this wonderous flow, floating background vocals and the feel and energy of a live performance.

This track really does give the feeling of band members that are feeding off of each other's energies and that comes through really well in the track itself to the point where it makes you want to go see them live because if that kind of energy is captured on record, then in a live setting, they must be unbelievable.

You get everything from bopping guitars to fat horn sections along with baselines that push everything forward but do it in a way that keeps you laid back.

I really think that the vocal approach works perfectly for this track in particular because it does have this sort of passion behind the performance and that is important because the song actually has a bit of emotional drive behind it especially conceptually.

This is clearly done by a group of people that have a pure love for their craft and this is probably the absolute most evident thing in the entire track.

There's tons of heart and character just spilling over onto every note played and I think that's something that has been missing from a lot of different kinds of music for a long time, so it was really refreshing to hear that in particular.

You also have a really well-balanced dynamic of the energy display throughout the track so that the groove sits right in the pocket and is heavy-handed enough to make you move.

I've always found it intriguing when I hear a song that can make you think lyrically and can at the same time make you move musically because that's for the most part a rarity half the time.

You also get this vibe that these guys are just sort of old souls and each of them brings a little differential when it comes to influences so it all comes together to work with this, very roots reggae style but it's got a little bit more layers to it.

Peeling back layers of a song like this is one of my favorite things to do and these guys definitely give enough of that to have a good time doing it.

Their influence and love for the authentic and classic style of this genre is very evident and I think it's part of what makes this so addictive and genuine.

As far as I could tell these guys have a series of releases dating back to 2017 and if I were you, I would take my time to go check that stuff out as well.

Dive into this single as soon as you can and remember who told you first.

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