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A Fierce Metal Banger from Joey Rival Hits Hard

A fierce and thrashing new single release from Joey Rival delivers a massive punch and a greedy guitar tone, all delivered with a ridiculous tightness and speed that lets this whole thing hit like a blitzkrieg.

"Rooted In Blood" doesn't only feature blistering drums and trudging riffs but also a vast undertone performed with synth pads on the keyboard, and the whole thing is very intricately arranged and has a sort of orchestrated undertone with some surprising changes around the corners as well.

This track feels like a huge opus of a song and all this stuff is squeezed into four minutes which is a crazy thing for me to think about.

This certainly is a speed thrash in death metal blend, but it also brings in grind and hardcore elements and it all just packs such a punch that when it's over you have to sort of shake it off to come back to reality again.

It sounds like it's in drop B or drop C in terms of the guitar sound but there are also these amazing lead licks and harmonies that happen at certain parts of the song, and you get a little glimpse of what Joey can really do on the instrument.

I definitely love how the song breaks into those big fast and freeing sections with progressive melodies and this searingly dark edginess that creeps in.

Those parts give the song a sort of haunt that I really enjoyed because it goes right along with the thrashing and brutal metal parts as well.

The crazy thing about this is that I'm pretty sure this is all one person.

I think that Joey is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter/producer which is mind-boggling because the energy on the track itself feels alive like there are players in a room feeding off of each other the entire time.

Aside from being able to capture that kind of electric energy on record this way, I can't imagine how crazy it must be to Envision a song and then bring it to fruition all on your own.

Also, does this mean that Joey himself mixes his own stuff too?

I have to admit I have a few extra questions here but that's just because this kind of thing is in a league of its own if you think about it.

Either way, this song hits tons of metal sweet spots and manages to roll a multitude of subgenres into the mix with incredible precision and intense energy that lets the song keep that heavy-handed drive all the way through.

This track really doesn't light up even for a second and it was really satisfying and satiating in terms of getting my hands on a massive metal track that has really good changes and actual thought process behind the arrangement.

This was built by someone who has a real love for his craft and when I say that I don't just mean playing instruments, I mean writing songs, building them, creating them from scratch, and delivering them out into the world with fewer boundaries and no walls built around it.

Take a deep dive into this track as soon as you can and don't be afraid to turn it up because the higher it goes the better it sounds.

Remember where you heard it first.

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