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A Danceable and Bright New Release from Render Ghosts

Render Ghosts just gave us a crisp and refreshing synth-pop single that borders on a retro-pop undertone and blends in some colorful keys, synths, and a massive knack for musical and vocal hooks that seem to follow you around for days.

"Eye Rhyme" is absolutely bright and oozes heart and character as the track puts forth a vivid sense of cinematic backbone.

The single has a killer youthful energy to it and feels like waves of sonic feeling that takes you along for a ride.

The track is tasteful, incredibly danceable, and has a sort of free-spirited tonality that creates a sheen over the song that makes you want more.

It bops with a heavy pop sensibility and features an array of beautiful synths and keys that give off a feel-good vibe from start to finish.

as the song plays on and you can't help but start moving with it you get the feeling this certainly came from an experience. Something that happened that sparked the creation of the song itself.

It's indie pop but it packs heart and a let loose sort of fun style and approach that really works for the song.

It is a damn fun song, and it does have a way of becoming quickly infectious.

The single seems to be a debut release from Render Ghosts and we are hoping to hear what comes next from these guys as this was wonderfully done.

For now, come get hooked on this song. You won't soon be disappointed.

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