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A Colorful and Edgy Release from Crones

A brand-new single release from Crones comes through as a vivacious and colorful soul rock banger but it boasts as much edginess as it does color with a massive fuzz-toned sonic presence that gives the song such a pure drive that it becomes instantly addictive.

"Arsenic" Blends that edginess and heavy tonality with a righteous and lush set of harmonies vocally along with a danceable and deepening groove that will either get you shaking your butt and your seat, dancing around the living room, or singing right along with your hands in the air.

One of the things I love most about this track is the sheer fact that they took this almost classic songwriting approach and they just put a great distortion over it so that you have something that rocks hard but also has that soulfulness just flowing through its veins.

This track is endlessly fun and certainly showcases the band's ability to create a song that has electric energy to the point where it gives the air of a live performance that feels like the players are just feeding off of each other the entire time and that in itself makes the song alive and breathing in its own way.

You can tell that this is written and performed by a group of people who have a real love for their craft and when I say that I don't just mean playing their instruments or singing, I mean writing songs together to put into the world so people can sing along with it or jump around to it, whichever comes first.

The track boasts a huge hook that sticks with you for hours or even days after the song is ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to it again.

It's got sort of classic changes and vocals that layer a great melodic texture over all the fuzz tones that you're hearing but again, this sounds like something that was written in the 70s.

The music video that accompanies the track only showcases the band's presence even more than the song does by itself which is an amazing thing because the track itself is explosive and insanely catchy and fun to the point where it just feels really good to listen to it.

There's something about this song that feels like a summer single, and I think that has to do with the warmth and positivity that it exudes along with the heavy tones.

This indeed, to me, is soul rock at its best. Yes, it does have a heavy sort of distortion to it and that helps create an almost grungy effect but, it is classic rock, and it keeps to that feel and Vibe the whole time.

This track has an aesthetic that's almost all its own.

They're backing harmonies vocally that are flowing through the ether of the track giving it more depth and forward-moving flow.

There is actually a lot about this song that shows not only incredible musicianship, but a real knack for writing and arranging catchy songs that hit all the right sweet spots, show some technicality but aren't over the top, and have heart.

You can tell everyone involved is just having an awesome time by listening to this song.

This single has character and personality infused into it and it's the kind of song that gives you a particular kind of energy when you listen to it so what I would suggest is that you crank this track nice and loud first thing in the morning.

I know that sounds a little crazy but trust me it's going to set the tone for the rest of your day, and it'll be a damn good one.

Check this out as soon as you can and remember where you heard it first.

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