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A Colorful and Classic Release from Popasaurus

A new single release from Popasaurus delivers a colorful and creative blend of textures that breed a dreamy undertone but an almost vintage pop overtone that comes together and creates a soundscape that feels like it could have been released in the mid to late 90s, and it's something that certainly feels good to listen to, has a vastness and Ambience to it, and is just oozing with that whole classic 90s dance-pop aesthetic.

"Lightyears" is quite brilliant because it utilizes just the right kinds of synth and key sounds and tones to create this sort of atmosphere that you fall right into. And once you're there, you don't want to leave.

There's definitely something a bit cinematic about this track and that has a lot to do with those wide and airy synth pads used throughout the track creating that bigger sound and letting you sort of get engulfed and then eventually washed away by everything.

Super old-school and classic disco and dance-pop beat is driving and gives the song this element of edginess that keeps it in a forward-moving flow while you are just shaking your butt in your seat as you listen.

This track is incredibly danceable and provides a great groove to the point where it's almost impossible not to get down with this song.

All the while, it still has that vast and dreamy underbelly to it as well so you kind of get the best of two different worlds throughout this one.

I enjoyed how the vocals were tracked because they have this sort of dripping chorus effect on them that adds more to that atmosphere and builds on the vibe and character of the song itself very well.

Things about this track that feel improvised, and there are elements about the track that feel like there was a lot of attention to detail during its creation.

The whole thing was very well woven, produced, and arranged but there are things about it that have a little bit of a looseness as well, which gives it that additional character.

For example, the vocals had that personality to the song even more but even still, you sort of have a track here that would work even without vocals.

The whole thing lets you paint images in your head and has a way of letting your imagination run with it.

This was a short but sweet kind of track that bred a little bit of nostalgia for me, and that felt good because, to be able to grasp that aesthetic and hit it right is unique, but Popasaurus had no problem with it.

Was an endlessly fun single and upon listening to it I couldn't help but take a little bit of a deep dive into the back catalog of this project, and I'm glad I did because there are two EPS that were released prior to "Lightyears" and each of them bear a little bit of a different side of the songwriting the approach of this project as a whole.

It was certainly fun to listen to the evolution of the songwriting and how it progressed throughout the years.

Although each release was at least a few years apart, I'm certainly hoping that we hear more from this project sooner rather than later.

This was an inventive and colorful electro and dance-pop single that mended into an indie pop and dream sound and did it all with a nearly flawless approach and graceful energy.

Definitely check this track out with headphones on if you can because in my opinion, it's one of the best ways to listen to it.

Remember where you heard it first.

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