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A Classic Rock Single from Mad Painter

A brand-new single from Mad Painter gives off a fun and vibrant classic rock sound with enough personality for you to let it wrap itself around you.

"Empty Bottles" comes through with an endless and colorful feel and energy that becomes quickly addictive and gives the air of a live performance.

When listening to this track you can definitely hear the classic rock riffs shine and some of the influences that helped make this band really come through stronger than others.

For example, I can hear a lot of Meatloaf on this track, one of the best rock and roll artists ever to have rocked and I love that you can hear such a strong influence in there.

The guitar tones are aesthetically perfect, and the track actually feels like something that you would have listened to decades ago because of the way it was performed and recorded.

This track had such a vibrancy to it and a great bounce in its own way.

It boasts plenty of memorable hooks that stick with you for quite a long time after the song has ended and that chorus is robust to say the least.

I love a good classic rock banger that comes through catching and memorable the way that this one does because it's authentic in a way.

There's no added nonsense to it. It's purely classic rock and it's done with this wonderfully theatrical undertone and a drive that lets it push the envelope.

You can tell that everyone involved had a complete blast recording this one and listening to it makes you want to go see them perform it live in your face.

Now, we're no strangers to Mad Painter, and we have had the opportunity to review some previous material, and I can certainly tell you that this track ensures that the sound of the band hasn't ventured off into some place it shouldn't go.

This single showcases the band's love for the genre and for the craft itself because all of that comes through with every note played on this track.

That electric energy is infectious and doesn't let up throughout the whole song which is something I adore.

This is a band made for the stage and every time you hear one of their songs it just makes you want to go watch them perform it live even more.

This is an aspect I've missed from rock and roll for such a long time and with Mad Painter it's brought back in full.

The single speaks volumes for the band and how they do their thing because it's got heart and that is possibly the most important element in rock music done right.

There's too much heavy rock, hard rock, and rock and roll going on with no heart, and no personality.

Mad Painter is here to change all of that by delivering tracks that have massive heart, and massive personality, and are done with a passion and love for rock music itself.

This is purely a passion project done because it can be done, and I idolize that.

This is what real rock music is all about so, check out "Empty Bottles" and don't be afraid to turn it up because it feels even better when it's even louder.

If you like this song which I'm sure you will if you like real rock music, then certainly check out the splashed album from last year as well because there are a ton of songs on there that give that same love, heart, and energy.

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