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A Classic EP Release From Faithless Town

The latest EP release from Faithless Town brings out a wonderfully lush array of colorful and lively folk-rock singles that come through with this amazing pop undertone and intertwines elements of classic and retro songwriting that are brought into different platforms to create something that feels good to listen to you and hence towards a certain level of nostalgia for some.

The Into the Light, Vol.2 EP is packed to the brim with fantastical hooks that come through with subtlety but also with such a great presence that the melodies bounce around in your head long after the record is ended.

This record definitely boasts a great combination of soundscapes both natural and digital with acoustic guitars as its backbone but also with live drums and since that are flowing through the ether of the songs giving them certain attributes to add to that pop or oriented approach.

You can definitely tell that there was a lot of heart that went into the creation of this record along with some great attention to detail and the energy level on this is a perfect dynamic for the whole sound.

You get a slight live performance feeling through some of these songs and it's such a great combination of these pop and rock styles that also blend into folk and always touch on these personal and honest aspects that make the record more welcoming.

Some of these tracks come through cinematic and even the way that the EP is broken up song wise does a lot for how the whole record flows together.

There are things about the release that make you feel like it's a concept record of sorts. The songs feel like they connect together in certain ways but of course I could be wrong about that, I didn't write the thing.

There's just this connective feeling from song to song and there's always surprises lurking around the corners which is really refreshing.

You can really get into a song so much and become almost engulfed in it and then get hit with the next one and have to shake yourself back to reality again.

I love records like that that take you to different places and into experiences or chapters of whoever's writing them.

It's like little bits of escapism that feel good to jump in and out of almost like a good book.

All in all, there's a lot more than meets the eye with this record at first glance anyway, and I think that says a lot for the songwriters behind it because it takes a lot to create layers with a release and especially ones that only have five songs for example.

That classic rock influence is definitely really strong throughout the course of the EP and this is part of what hence the nostalgia and that familiar feeling when you listen to them.

At times it almost feels like some of these songs are ones that you've heard on the radio for years now.

This is a really good record for anyone that loves great classic pop rock songs that bring tons of different soul and heart to the music itself.

Dive into this one when you can.

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