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A Cinematic And Edgy Single from Organoclorados

Fresh release from Organoclorados without a slightly haunting and cinematic rock soundscape that also touches on elements of classic rock and brings out instruments like synth pads to the atmosphere to the track and because of all this it comes through very lush and full-bodied.

"Take Me Down" has this element of darkness to it that gives it a sort of gothic edge in a way and this in turn leaves you to sort of decipher the lyrics in a particular way which is adding to that mysterious element of the songwriting approach.

The actual vocal technique and style add to that as well as it has a particular swagger to it that gives off an almost vampiric undertone but does so with this character that really drives the song all the way.

The guitars come through twanging like an old western and this track has the ability to really tell a story from a certain perspective and when to it you can almost visualize some of the things that are happening.

There is a lot of a theatrical and emotional style to this single and it's part of what pulls you in and creates that allure for you to listen deeper.

The instrumentation is impactful and there are a lot of notes floating on top of each other. In the end the whole thing has a way of engulfing you.

I like songs like this because it is a form of escapism and lets you step into a different world for a little bit before coming back to your own reality.

I think songs should do things like that.

Especially songs that tell stories like this one does, there's a certain vagueness to it and the only thing that you really completely know for sure is that something isn't right.

Something is off with someone and that's part that I think people are able to relate to the most.

I think that the surf guitar style along with those string synths along with the live band feel and energy is what gives this song hits gusto.

The other thing that makes this track so theatrical is that the intensity of the whole band including the vocals seems to grow as the song plays on up until the end.

So you have the feeling of something sort of creeping up on you the whole time.

There's something completely unexplainable happening and so profound that you can't or don't know how to deal with it and that's what this track is about.

So that fact has this sort of eeriness to it that seems to linger with you for a long time after the song has already ended.

So getting back to that escapism, it's almost like reading a chapter of a good book in a way.

When it's over you have to sort of snap back to reality and reacclimate yourself and for a song to be able to do that is impressive.

This was a vast and wild single that does both of those things in a subtle dynamic and we can't wait to hear more from these guys soon.

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Artur W
Artur W
Jun 01, 2023

Great job! This song is really a good stuff. Congrats to the band.

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