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A Christmas Single From nine2nine

A new single release from nin2nine delivers some holiday spirit in the form of an R&B banger with both vibrancy and plenty of color along with the character that you just don't want to let go and all of this wrapped up into one holiday track that you don't want to miss.

"Fa-La-Love" brings together classic R&B elements with a new school Vibe and they turn it all into a wonderful and Lush holiday song that feels like it should be on your playlist this season.

I love the energy levels on this track because it feels everyone is feeding off of each other's energies throughout the song which gives it an almost alive and breathing feel and makes you want to go see them perform right in front of you.

This track was short and sweet but hit all those bells and whistles that you want from an original Christmas song like this one.

I'm always a fan of remixes of classics but originals come and go and sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't.

This one works like a charm and also brings with it a little sense of nostalgia because it does have that wonderful old-school approach to it but that in itself makes it warm and welcoming, especially as a holiday song.

So many elements of this song complement each other, especially the vocals but the production of it's really well done also as there was clearly a lot of attention to detail, but the song never loses the heart and that spirit that it was born from in the first place.

This is clearly performed by a group that has a true love for their craft and obviously for Christmas as well and most likely they've all been wanting to do a Christmas song for ages.

I know if I were an artist, I would love to have a Christmas song out because I just love that holiday and everything that comes along with it.

These ladies really took matters into their own hands and it's clear that they are paving a path in the R&B and pop world doing it their way which is something to look up to.

I certainly will be making a Christmas playlist this year as I do every year, and this track is going to be on it along with other great originals that I've heard so far this season and from years passed.

This whole song has its own character in persona and it helps it really gain its glee and drive so it all works incredibly well in terms of the forward-moving flow and capturing that holiday spirit the way you want to hear it.

There's a lot to love about Christmas and nine2nine just added to that so kudos to them.

When you get a chance, definitely take a listen to this so you can add it to your Christmas playlist as well.

I already feel a little bit more jolly after having heard it.

Check this out and remember where you heard it first.

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