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A Brutal Release from Sufferance

A recent EP release from Sufferance delivers a classic and thrashing death metal approach that blends into subgenres of grindcore, hardcore, and straight hard-hitting, heavy metal with deepening riffs and guitar tones along with a grueling vocal that all come together with bass and drums that are so tight the whole thing hits like a sucker punch to the gut.

The Spawn of a Dream EP features three tracks each with a bit of its own vibe and what's great about this is you get elements of all these different genres per each different track as guitar harmonies ring out, drums pound and a lot of this has a sort of old school feel to it which is a bit nostalgic for me because I grew up listening to different kinds of metal and these guys really nail that classic aesthetic perfectly.

They're definitely more than a few surprises around the corners of this record and it's amazing how just these three tracks can span so much musical vastness and shredding metal approach.

All of the guys in this band have a really high level of musicianship and this is something that I want to bring up because people that don't listen to a lot of metal or death metal for that matter, don't really understand the amount of technique and practice it takes to master their instruments.

The same guys that are thrashing out on the guitar and doing harmonies left and right can also play jazz if they want to.

That same drummer who's delivering blistering drum beats with an ultimate tightness can play whatever genre he wants most likely.

To be able to put together a record with this much vigor and electric energy is not an easy thing to do and the way it's captured on the record almost feels like it's recorded live on the floor because it seems as if all the players here are just feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

The record makes you want to see these guys live simply because if that kind of energy is captured on a recording then seeing them live must just be face-melting which is exactly what you want to see when you go to see a classic death metal band like these guys.

The soundscape is sharp but thick and deepening and the whole thing rumbles with a fierceness to it which all just shows a love for the genre and how these guys really put their all into their craft and I don't mean just the instruments they're playing, I mean how they write songs together to put something awesome into the world.

This is the type of band where if one member was different or performed differently, it wouldn't be the same and I love bands like that.

When the record is over you kind of have to react to meet yourself back to reality again because the whole thing just hits like a blitz and leaves you dizzy.

The band calls this a demo EP but I would delete the word demo from that because this is good enough to stand on its own as a strong EP that represents the band's sound.

Check this record out when you get a chance and turn it up because the louder you turn it the better it gets.

Remember where you heard it first.

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