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A Brutal New Single From Fractured Spine

A new release from Fractured Spine brings out a deepening and brutal metal soundscape that comes with thrashing riffs that bleed into melodic feels and all come together with destructive drums and deep growls.

"All for Nothing" it's hard right from the get-go and gives you a great feel for the band's heavy sound which is a ground-shaking sucker punch to the gut if I ever heard one.

The track comes through massive and both just an amazing energy which you can hear throughout the entire track and as it plays on you get the vibe that you really would love to see these guys play live because it would melt your face right off.

This was a blast of a single and really showcases the bands pure love for their craft and attention to detail as songwriters for the genre.

I think this kind of metal is missed a lot here in the United States and you have to struggle to find bands that do it right.

It's definitely very refreshing to hear Fractured Spine and how they approach the genre with a gusto.

There are a lot of really cool breakdowns and bridges that haven't throughout the track and as it plays through you get this massive sonic wave of heaviness especially coming from the drums because the way it was mixed, the drums are so prevalent that it really gives the song a crazy backbone.

That's the other thing, it's really cool to hear a track like this produced properly which means mixed correctly.

Metal of this nature is not easy to mix but when you do it right you get something that's impactful and fiery.

Those kick drums should rumble but be clear and cut through everything.

The guitar tones are amazing and they're sharp but deep and heavy at the same time with a certain warmth to them that lets you hear every single note played.

This track was killer from beginning to end and if you're into A melodic black or death metal style than these guys are 100% for you.

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