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A Bright Surf Fuzz Rock Record from The Unknown

A bright-toned surf and pop rock release from The Unknown delivers a cross of fuzz tone grungy styles and a refreshing and freeing classic rock undertone that come together to breed something that feels good to listen to and packs quite an energy with it.

The Baja album has the air of a live performance with a righteous electric energy that doesn't let up through the entire thing and along with that you have lush and harmonious melodies that come together as well by both the guitar and the vocals.

The guitars are very well put together in terms of the performance and layering because there are a lot of great harmonies done but there's also that sort of grungy garage rock tone that they have, and this gives layers of texture that just come through with a sort of edgy warmth.

The surf rock element is definitely strong throughout the entire record, but it's got this classic pop-punk feel to it a lot of the time as well and that comes from not only the trudging palm-muted riffs a lot of the time, but also the drumming and the vocals as well.

So, when I say classic pop punk, I mean old-school pop punk and not a newer thrashier style.

It's built more off melody and harmonies than anything else, but it also has that fuzzy and harsh tone to it that makes it a little more driving and a little bit more aggressive but in a bright and colorful sort of way.

I love the way this whole record comes across and one of my favorite aspects about this release aside from the guitars and the vocals, is the drumming because that gives it the added sort of looseness and drive that it needs to push the envelope just a little bit more.

You can tell everyone here was having a ball doing their thing and listening to the record makes you want to go see them live in your face not only because of the energy that's captured but because of the kinds of songs that they give.

These tracks are catchy, fun, colorful, charismatic, and straight-up feel-good to listen to.

We need much more of this kind of fun soiree of pop and surf fuzz rock in our lives and The Unknown is the band to give it to us.

This record speaks volumes for this group, and this is the type of record you listen to from beginning to end so that you can soak everything in, feel the good vibes, and jump around the room to this summer rock soundscape.

Do yourself a favor and take a listen to this whole record because it's an absolute blast and believe me, you have 20 minutes to do so.

Be ready to have some fun with this infectious release.


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