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A Blistering Single From Never Say Never

A new single from Never Say Never brings together elements of several metal subgenres ranging from alternative rock, hardcore, and even elements of melodic and grunge all together for one massive single that hits hard and packs a hell of a punch from the get-go.

"No Subject" has an almost haunting grittiness to it and the riffs come in with a massive tonality that sets everything off and gets your blood pumping right from the beginning of the song and the energy displayed is never-ending and unstoppable.

Certain elements about this track serve as a strange form of nostalgia for me in a way because they do take these elements from classic sort of 90s underground alternative rock approaches and bring them into the music in a natural form so that aesthetic is evident in the song.

Everything brought together on this track is hard-hitting and there is a great element to the production that lets the drums cut through everything and allows the song to become gigantic and almost anthemic at times.

This is heavy but in all the best ways because it draws from all these different heavy influences, and this is something that I find unique and also part of what I think the future of music will be no matter what the genre.

What I mean is, when you have a track that blends so many subgenres into one and you're able to create something familiar but still kind of fresh and cutting edge, this is something special.

You can tell that this is all drawn from some kind of aggressive emotional backbone because everything feels driving and genuine especially vocally which somehow matches the intensity of the music itself.

This is another thing I find quite impressive because the entire track has this vivacious energy to it so you find yourself wanting to head bang, mosh, jump around the living room, and just get into this track because it's so intense most of the time.

A lot of people don't realize how listening to music of this nature really allows you to let out some of your aggression and it also lets you understand that others feel that emotion as well.

This is also super important because a lot of people don't admit to their anger and what's more prevalent is that most people don't know how to articulate that into words or music and let it out the way bands like this do.

The tone of the guitars alone seems to hit that cross between fierce and fiery metal and gritty and fuzzy grunge, and I think that that is such a key element to have the song come out.

The textures of a song like this are something that some people don't pay attention to but I love measuring those kinds of aspects because it's part of what makes the song hit or miss and with this track, it's certainly hits hard.

This was a killer track that managed to blend old and new school approaches together to create something completely impactful.

This one can be turned way up.

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