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A Better Hand Drops A Fresh EP And Comes In Swinging

The latest from A Better Hand brings together some badass styles from pop punk to a blistering hardcore feel and rolls it all up into a polished and massive sounding record.

The songs are heavy and melodic as they trash on in bright and colorful melodies and octave matching vocals along with the honest lyrics and brutally heavy undertone.

These guys know how to write a alternative song with tons of pop aspects and still keep their edge.

The bands high octane energy never lets up even on the more anthemic songs and slower builds.

Vocals are layered and lush throughout the EP and it gives off a touch of bands like Brand New at times.

A Better Hand holds nothing back and rocks hard while bringing in production beats and build ups that lead to explosions and bright climaxes that just get you super addicted to the sound.

A crystal sheen overlays the sonic presence of the record and its so well produced you can crank these songs and they sound totally flawless.

These guys fuse genres of alternative music seamlessly and with so much incredible drum and guitar work along with the bands youthful punch, this record is non-stop action.

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