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A Beautifully Performed and Descriptive Single from Kete Bowers

A beautiful and warm new single from Kete Bowers delivers such a beautiful honesty that gets you really attached to the song itself because a lot of what he's saying is so relatable and understandable that you've had a lot of these thoughts yourself but just haven't been able to articulate them so that you can see them out loud where this artist is just so amazing at it that it hits you a certain way.

"Holy Night" is based around Christmas time but it's not necessarily about a holiday but more a personal experience laid out with such descriptive detail that you can picture everything vividly in your head as the song plays through.

Something like this is so rare but so impressive and wonderful because it takes you away from wherever you are and puts you in a different place.

This has a little bit of a stripped-down type of sound but still feels lush as there is acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, and vocals as the main points of focus and those each have a way of complimenting each other beautifully as the song has these subtle layers that have a way of creating a bit of a vast undertone.

This track had a very unique way of engulfing me in it and it's not only the descriptive lyrics, but it's the approach of how they are delivered and the song which has this almost Sullen undertone but also this honest feel, and that makes everything different because you know he's recounting something that happened.

It's things like this that make a song feel more authentic and this is because the artist is giving us a piece of himself, not just remembrance or recollection of something that happened, but rather how he felt during it and now afterward.

This is letting people into his inner thoughts and emotions which is one of the best things you can do as an artist in terms of songwriting or any form of creating art for that matter.

Being able to describe things not just visually but how they felt on the inside and articulate those into words and music is one of the most impressive things I've ever come across which is why music affects people so heavily, I think.

As I said before, there are a lot of parts of this that are incredibly relatable and you find yourself just getting wrapped in the song very quickly, and after it's over you find yourself wanting to know more about Kete and his music.

Not surprisingly, the artist has been releasing material since 2010 on Spotify and there are a lot of amazing singles and full albums to actually go through that each show a little bit of a different side of what the artist does and how he does it.

Everything has a level of personality that shines through and a lot of it gives those little pieces of that personality in detail.

This is just part of the staple songwriting styles of the artist himself and I find it refreshing to hear this honest and open approach with such incredible descriptive characteristics and a very unique energy that captures you.

I would listen to the single and check out some of his other releases on Spotify.

This is a singer-songwriter who gives a lot when he releases a song.

Remember where you heard it first.

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