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A Beautiful Release from Stephanie Mae

A beautiful new single from Stephanie Mae brings out a warm and welcoming tonality and approach that serves the artist well as she gives off such lush character in her recollections of youth and there's a lot about this that you can end up attaching yourself to very quickly because it's so incredibly relatable.

"Only Us in the World" has such a wonderfully soulful delivery vocally and this is something that makes it so much more authentic because you can hear that emotional drive that the song was created from in the first place really come through.

The way this is put together is so enticing and alluring because lyrically, it's so understandable the way she describes being a kid and the feeling of it all, the things we did, the freedom that there was to it, that she actually lets you paint these vivid pictures in your head as the song plays on.

One of the things I adore about this track is that she lets it feel a little bit more stripped down which I feel is important because it focuses mainly on the acoustic guitar and the vocals making it a singer-songwriter track but it also has undertones and builds to it that give it an almost cinematic backbone as well and this all adds to the atmosphere and the aesthetic that the track is meant to have.

This was so beautiful that it impacted me in some of the best ways possible because you get connected with what the song is about, especially if you are a certain age because you were a kid at one point and you do understand the things that she's talking about in the song.

Artists like Stephanie kind of blow me away a little bit just because she's able to articulate these thoughts into words and music and in such a natural way that the song flows so openly.

A lot of us cannot do anything like that when it comes to thoughts, emotions, or even finding a way to express certain things so when you come across an artist like this who puts it all together and makes it feel so genuine it's kind of incredible.

The whole performance is graceful, and you can tell this obviously is coming from someplace very real for her and in a way maybe it was even cathartic for her to write and release, but for the listener, again, we connect with it, and it makes us feel good in a way.

There are times during this track that memories of my own popped into my head and that's something that doesn't happen often so when it does it's almost rejuvenating or refreshing in a strange way.

Her expressiveness and ability to portray such an intense character and do so with such deep detail is what impresses me the most about this whole thing because it's all from the heart and it makes me curious about how something like this goes from a vision or an idea through to fruition.

This was a gorgeous track with just the right kind of balance dynamically of character, color, honesty, tonality, and it felt real.

Put some headphones on and listen to this track without any distractions because you'll be glad that you did.

Remember where you heard it first.

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