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Wiesinger Drops an Honest and Hard Hitting Single

If you are one of those random people who has not yet heard the sounds of a band called Wiesinger, then let us be one of the first ones to bring you up to speed because a recent track just dropped called "Doom Scroller" and not only does it make perfect sense in this day and age but it has a brilliant level of engagement and after listening to it, you might just put your phone down for a little bit.

The release has a somewhat animated vocal feel and a heavy-hitting tone that breeds combinations of alternative rock, pop, and some Industrial sounds but has a very current feel as well.

This single takes no time getting straight to the point and doing it in a way that has this electric attraction and you become drawn to it.

It's the kind of song that you hear from across the room at a party and you're unable to hold your conversation any longer because you get sucked into it.

Aside from the song having a great alternative sound, it's also the actual point of the song that gets your attention because doom-scrolling is something we all catch ourselves doing.

"Doom Scroller is about my own struggle and tendency with social scrolling. I can so get lost in my screen when I should be doing plenty of other more fruitful and meaningful things. It’s a call to wake up and live our lives fully because our time in our flesh and bones is so fleeting and time is constantly escaping us! We can’t get those moments back,” - Wiesinger

Check this track out when you can, and I would also listen to their recent cover of "Dancing Queen" as well because that is also really uniquely done while still giving love to the original.

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