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Volta Nova Releases A Classic Rock Riddled EP

An EP from Volta Nova brings on some colorful classic rock with touches of southern tonality laced throughout its deepening and still catchy vocal hooks and energetic performances from all players.

The Return to Tomorrow EP is lush with warming guitar sounds and riddled with soft keys that fill the space giving songs a particular atmosphere to right long side some outstanding changes and quite a few surprises around each corner.

This record gives the feel of a live performance, and it sounds like the band feeds off of each other's energies throughout the course of the release which lets the songs have a certain freedom to breathe.

The guitar work is entrancing and feature some engulfing and progressive but classic sounds and it all boasts tons of soul.

All instruments on this release have just as much passion as the vocals do and it does have a beautiful sheen to it although it still seems like a classic rock record you've been listening to for years.

Some killer harmonies and smooth Noir feeling sections give a storytelling approach and it really works well for these guys.

Maybe that's what this is. Noir Rock. Is that a thing? It should be now.

This EP comes with all the bells and whistles you can possibly want from a jamming classic rock band and when it's all said and done, you do actually feel like what it may feel like to see them live in person.

The EP is 4 songs, but they all take you for quite a musical journey.

This one is the real deal for sure.

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