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Van Dorn - Violent Birth

Van Dorn is one of those rare, authentic singers with a natural-born talent. You can hear it in every note sung. Some people struggle endlessly to execute the right vocal take, but others, like Van Dorn, deliver a flawless performance effortlessly. But I’m not just envious of her fantastic voice, oozing a dark, brooding sense of mystery. I’m envious of her fantastic songwriting talent too. As a fan of rock on the darker side, this is my kind of music down to a T. It’s not just about the right sequence of chords or notes. It’s about the performance. It’s about the emotion behind the performance.

“Violent Birth” opens with slowly plodding piano chords, developing onto a sinister, unsettling progression. As Van Dorn’s gorgeous vocals glide into the mix, I knew this was going to be an electrifying track. Sometimes, you can feel a song’s crescendo long before it comes — and that’s down to sublime foreshadowing from Van Dorn. The way in which her voice builds up to that eargasmic climax of drums and fuzzy guitar is amazing. And I absolutely love the violin melody that soars atop the carnage. There’s a smooth, beautiful foundation to this sharp-edged, dark rock piece.

After hearing such a powerful single, I’m thoroughly intrigued to see how Van Dorn develops from here. I’d definitely love to hear an album from her in the future. A magnificent performer, but also a talented songwriter. The full package.

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