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The Vibrant And Tasteful Pop Of Lily Slate

A new release from Lily Slate takes on several genres and lends sounds together to create massive atmospheres in pop and each song has a pull to it that feels cinematic and powerful.

The ii album is packed with musical hooks and vocals harmonies that fill the air and swim around you as the synth pads swirl and keep you afloat with the tracks.

The record has a number of courageous pop styles that feel alive and breathing with vibrancy and character.

And that's the thing with this album. It's got character and showcases the artists presence a little differently with each new song you play.

The sounds of funky guitar riffs blend in with pop beats, synths, and keys and it all has an energy to it that leans on ambience but keeps up front and in your face.

It's quite an intricate balance and it's woven so well that you can even hear those retro alt pop influences bleed through from time to time.

The cool thing is that most of the songs come from someplace real and that shines across constantly.

There is a wonderful honesty behind these that make them addictive and infectious.

Rock comes through and the album has moods that change and let the record have a lushness to it that lets it be super full and satiating.

This whole thing was built beautifully and with serious attention to detail but never without losing the passion and emotional backbone the songs were initally built from.

A cinematic and graceful album release from Lily Slate that has way more than a few singles more than worthy of your playlists.

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