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The Refreshing Alternative Pop Of Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter returns with an honest and incredibly fun pop rock single that bleeds experimental attitude and a psychedelic electronic undertone that utilizes some unique sound textures that work well with the upbeat builds and character Carter boasts without even trying.

"I Miss My Cat" has this particular energy that lets the song breath and use its subtleties until it's time to explode into a chorus or hook.

Drums slam and the song bursts out in a tastefully edgy rainbow of a chorus complete with all sorts of keys and her vocal approach is so good on top of all of this.

She has a knack for being able to stay in her character and just exude this honesty and sometimes it's aggressive, sometimes it sexy, sometimes it's just plain catchy as hell. But there is always something that stops you in your tracks.

Georgia Carter has so many really good releases under her belt already and each one has this little bit of magic really.

Each one has something that doesn't let you pay attention to anything else for that moment in time.

She is unafraid to say what she wants in her songs. She creates the music with no walls around her. She's sort of free with her songwriting.

It's addicting. It's alluring and its damn fun.

This single goes right along with her others in a string of slightly outside the box alternative-pop bangers and if you like one of them, you'll like all of them.

They are all worth checking out at the very least. And they are all worth your playlists as well.

It's great to have artists like this that just do it to do it. You can feel that in the songs, and this allows them to push the envelope more than others.

Kudos Georgia!

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