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The Musical Culture Shock of Buddy Won't Tell

Buddy Won't Tell displays what can only be explained as something almost like musical culture shock. The songwriting rivers run strong with paths straying in and out of new styles on the But God I Love The Game EP.

As with any really good EP, there are songs that are just good. Very good. And with any good EP, there is one song that justifies an advancing of an artist into a new phase. For this EP, that song is called "My Small Love".

If you want to know exactly what we mean when we say 'culture shock', open your ears to this tune. It'll take you for a ride you weren't sure you were ready for. Pop - Alternative wit, Dubstep, and folk are among the things heard on the EP and it's performed with a certain sharpness and fine tuning in song recording rarely heard. If you think you've heard it all when it comes to pop, just watch your cookie crumble.

CD Baby

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