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The Lush Alternative Rock Sounds Of Tough On Fridays

Tough On Fridays just released a new single that hones in on a cinematic alternative rock style that builds into an anthemic and edgy track with touches of a haunting undertone.

"Cabin Fever" is slightly brooding and gives that warm feeling of underground alt-rock bands you loved growing up.

Guitars are textured and lush and the drumming is massive and alive as it all creates an atmosphere of its own.

Vocally the song is beautiful and reaches up from the depths of someplace a little darker yet remain graceful and flowing.

The whole songs really swims around you and you quickly become washed away with its feel.

This track was incredibly tasteful and came through with heart and obviously comes from someplace real.

The whole thing even has the feel of a live band but the production has that perfect sheen to it.

The live band feel comes from the band feeding off of each others energies and that really shines on the track.

It's kind of rare to hear a rock song with this much character that's relevant and the best part is simply how the song sounds alive and breathing.

This was a damn good alt track and we hope to be hearing more from Tough On Fridays soon.

Tough On Fridays Spotify

Tough On Fridays IG

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