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The Holographic Children Give Off a Colorful and Honest Sound

An EP release from The Holographic Children brings out an array of songwriting approaches and styles that blend elements of post-punk, alternative pop, indie rock, and loads more all delivered with a colorful and character-soaked approach that really reaches out and grabs at you, keeping your attention the entire time.

The Party Hat EP consists of five tracks and each one has a persona of its own as they bring you into these different worlds of sorts with some taking on a vast and harmonious approach while others blend a vintage pop with a refreshing and vivacious style complete with pianos, guitars, since, and classic beats.

There is a great element of honesty throughout this record in terms of the lyrics and this is something that adds to that persona of the release but my favorite aspect of the entire thing is the simple fact that by the time you get to the third or fourth track you begin to expect the unexpected and that's something that you don't come across often so when you do it's very rejuvenating.

Some of these tracks feel uplifting with orchestrated sense and keys that bring that cinematic tonality to life and the whole thing feels so animated in a way that it has a very unique way of blending genres and bending them at free will throughout even one song.

Some elements make me think of bands like The Cure for example because songs like "Thoughts" which is one of my favorites, take this almost classic pop style and combine them with almost existential lyrics.

This is actually a very in-depth sort of EP for one that's five tracks long and I just really enjoy how each song sheds a little bit of a different light and lets the artist shed a little piece of himself as well but still keeping that sort of animated and fun aspect on the forefront.

I love how this takes a slew of influences and incorporates them into one release because you do get that indie rock, you do get that pop, you do get that vintage undertone, and you do get some post-punk elements, but the thing is that each of these elements seem to complement each other, and the aesthetic is really perfect.

There is some drive and heart behind this release and that drive, and that heart lies between the lines, so this is the kind of EP that you have to listen to in full to really get the complete understanding of what it's about.

Not only that but if you only listen to a couple of songs then you're not really getting the full spectrum of what the record has to offer as a whole which would just be a shame if you ask me.

This is a perfect example of music and an artist that is dropping songs and records that have fewer boundaries than the norm so they're a bit expansive and they're a bit experimental, but they still keep a lot of that pop catchiness in tune.

A nearly perfect blend of color, charisma, edginess, hints of trippiness, personality, honesty, and vastness that all come together to create an atmosphere that you just don't want to leave.

Check this record out when you get a chance and while you're at it make sure you dig into some previous releases because there's a lot there that you may like especially if you dig this record.

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