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The Heavy And Melodic Touch of Desoto Jones

A new album from Desoto Jones comes through with an epic and anthemic 90's alt rock tonality that feels genuine and feels welcoming, honest, and driving all at the same time.

The Regenerator album is loaded with all kinds of classic feeling hooks but done with a certain edginess and energy that also boasts an emotional drive. This is likely due to the vocalist's passionate performances on literally all the songs.

The record hits hard and gives you impactful choruses, ambient guitar leads, powerful and cinematic feels, and it all has this memorable songwriting and set of textures to it.

The record does indeed have touches of nostalgic soundscapes built from the ground up and these guys feel like a killer live performance type of band. You can feel the instrumentation feeding off of each other's energies the whole time and it sounds almost like it's performed live on the floor on the record.

Choruses soar and have freeing styles at times, and other times they have an aggressive and punch packing style. Both really end up sticking with you and if you listen to the album as a whole, it leaves its mark.

Drumming on this record is everything. The rhythms and time signatures feel alive and breathing and the songs have this massive ambience sometimes as well that swells and sways.

The album can take you on these journeys and at a certain point you begin to feel like this is a sort of concept album.

This was a huge record and it felt great to listen to from start to finish.

We suggest you do the same.

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