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The Genuine and Wholehearted Sounds of The Southern Gothic

The latest release from The Southern Gothic brings out a bright and catchy country soul single packed with character and heart from start to finish as the lush and full-bodied track rocks on with a colorful array of instrumentation that creates an atmosphere that becomes quickly warming.

"Talking In My Sleep" is a wonderfully fueled and woven single that packs quite a punch and has a way of feeling welcoming almost like a hug from a loved one.

The vocal hooks are outstanding and stick with you for hours on end and the guitars and full band really has this energy that just feels right. It's almost like it was a live on the floor performance as it feels as if the players are really feeding off of each other's energies the whole time.

This really came through with a gusto and a shine that helps The Southern Gothic showcase not only their songwriting chops but really that presence on the track. Which again, is what makes you feel like they would likely be amazing live in your face.

Now this track boasts a true wholehearted southern soundscape and attitude and throughout its course has a way of spreading the love around with a genuine undertone and approach.

This sounds authentic and, in a way, even romantic but also rocked out and gets you moving in seconds flat.

This single should get you hooked on the band and when it does, you'll likely go looking for more which is actually a good thing because there is quite a bit more to soak in.

The band has releases dating back to 2008 on Spotify and there is so much gold in there its nuts. Yes, we went through a lot of it, and it's evolved, changing, and refreshing but always genuine.

So, start off this "Talking in My Sleep" and get a good feel of the wonderful vibe of this band, and then take a nosedive in the back catalogue as well. You won't; regret it.

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