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The Elegant Chasers Delivers with "The Hungry Ghost"

We're all very excited over here because we just got wind of the new upcoming single from The Elegant Chasers and believe me when I tell you this track has a lot of guts and glory to it that all ride along with this massively sonic and almost classic rock feeling guitar riff that drives the song as a whole.

One of my favorite things about "The Hungry Ghost" is the overall edginess of the track and how the whole thing comes through with an almost live-on-the-floor kind of feel because there are so many impactful and high-octane vibes coming through this track not only in its soundscape but in its performance.

This track has an absolutely killer chorus and hook that stick with you for a very long time and a few surprises around some of the corners but the whole thing is done with this certain level of heart and character that comes through which is a normal thing for this project but it's still having a way of grabbing at you every time.

The whole track was built and put together with plenty of attention to detail but it never loses that hard or that character that it starts with and it makes you want to see this live in person because if that kind of energy is captured this way on record then the live performance would probably be incredible and that's the kind of thing that we want to hear when we listen to or driving alternative rock banger like this one.

The guitar work across the board is perfect and you can hear layers coming in and out of different hooks guitar-wise not just the main riff, but there is additional sort of lead licks that happen there too and those are bendy and add to the atmosphere of the song very well.

One of the things that always gets me about this project is the guitar tone because it always manages to balance the dynamic of being over the top and sonically blistering and having an almost classic rock feel at the same time.

The mix of this song is really well done also and that's something that I like to mention when I hear songs that sound like they would be intense to sit down and take on in terms of mixing.

Everything is well done in terms of the tonalities, balances, volumes, polish, and sheen of everything, it's all done with an intricacy that lets the song come through with that punch that it was intended to.

This is an important factor because a song like this does have an impact if the mix is right but if it's off, then it just doesn't come through the same way so it's a good thing that whoever mixes these songs pays a lot of attention to the aesthetic that it's supposed to have.

The Elegant Chasers is a project that never ceases to hit me the right way and I feel like whatever is being aimed for is always hit right on the head and that's why the songs come out the way they do.

This truck is absolutely no exception to that rule, and it should be listened to nice and loud.

Remember where you heard it first and keep an eye out for this project because there's more coming and plenty to listen to as it is.

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