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The Corrupted Hearts Drops An Alt-Rock Banger

A new single release from The Corrupted Hearts brings out a new twist on a classic and hard-hitting alternative rock approach and it all comes together with layers of vast undertones and loads of character that leave an imprint behind along with melodies that stick with you and bounce around in your brain for hours after the song has ended.

"We Dug A Ditch & Laid Down" certainly brings on an atmosphere all its own and does so with a hint towards classic late 90s underground alt-rock along with a certain level of color and edginess that lets them destroy melodically.

The energy on this track feels so intense that you wonder whether or not this was recorded live on the floor and either way honestly, it makes you want to see these guys live because if they can capture that kind of energy on a recording like this, then to see them perform would be awesome.

One of my favorite aspects about this track is its massive ambient feeling hook and chorus and how it makes the song feel anthemic in its own right. This was completely refreshing because you don't get too much of that these days.

It's definitely clear to me that this is a band that has a heavy love for their craft because that's dripping out of every note and throughout the song's course you can hear the different influences that each player exudes throughout their performance.

The attitude and persona delivered on this track is really what keeps you there and there's something about it that even gives me a little bit of a nostalgic feel.

Maybe growing up with these kinds of classic old rock bands is what does that for me, but these guys are able to really nail that aesthetic perfectly otherwise I wouldn't feel that nostalgia kicking in.

Upon listening to this single I had to go and dig in through some of the band's back catalog on Spotify which was pleasantly surprising as they do have several other singles along with a full album release from last year and each one of these shows a little bit of a different side to the band but still keeps their staple sound.

This was a killer single from a killer band, and you should definitely be keeping your eye out for The Corrupted Hearts because I have a feeling, they may be releasing something else before the end of the year.

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