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The Classic Style Of BreakTime

The latest album release from BreakTime hits so many classic rock sweet spots that it comes through with an incredible authenticity from the instrumentation to the songwriting and performances, this release hits the soundscape of singles from the 60s and does it all with a charm.

The Great Times record has a wonderful approach that not only nails that nostalgic golden oldies tonality but also shows the band's love for their craft without question.

Feels like the kind of record that was being worked on for quite some time and the best part about it is there are aspects about it that feel completely live on the floor so that energy between the musicians is bouncing back and forth and driving the song further.

This is definitely the kind of band that you do actually want to see live because the songs feel so warm and familiar that you might end up singing along without even realizing it.

Everything from the way the vocals are done down to the guitar tones and drumming are really particularly done in that specific way, so it feels like a genuine classic rock single.

Now, most of these songs definitely could stand on their own two legs but listening to the whole album as one piece is really the way to go here.

This is mainly because a record like this isn't something that you come across often and it's really important to kind of dig in and see the different styles that are done.

And it's totally worth doing that because the songs Do vary and differ but the way they very differ is almost like changing the decade represented in the song.

It's such a cool vibe to hear a band like this revive these kinds of sounds and do it with the aesthetic built in.

There are a lot of young bands that do their own thing but are going for classic rock fields and styles influenced by bands of that time but those are never really fully just genuinely classic rock.

There's nothing wrong with that of course, bands have their own twist on things and a younger generation is influenced by different kinds of music as well however it feels really good to have a band like these guys do it because it comes from a different place.

This is completely nailed from top to bottom and it's something that you can tell these guys loved doing and hopefully keep making songs in this fashion.

I mean this was a great record and for anyone that's a real fan of classic rock or vintage songwriting styles that have that nostalgic and welcoming feel, then BreakTime is certainly for you.

Plus, these songs have tons of catchy hooks and choruses that you end up singing along to in your head later on in the day.

Definitely jump into this one and give it a whirl because it's worth your time for sure.

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