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The Cinematically Driven Alt-Pop Of Fleshtronic

An outstanding single just released from Fleshtronic beckons a vintage new wave undertone with a cinematic rock backbone and a synth-wave touch that feels like a dream with anthemic and powerful progressions and words.

"Goodbye" is a personal song if you listen to the words, and it feels like a chapter in someone's book has just ended as they move on to the next.

This music is full bodied and lush with pianos, keys, guitars, percussion and vocals that all feed off the deep-rooted bass and are performed with a passion and heart that bleeds from the notes and hits that sweet spot every time.

The song makes you think. It has that nostalgic feel to it and its topic is relatable to the point that it can really make your own memories pop into your head and let you think back at times.

There is this piano riff that servs as the main rhythm of the track and it's just such a cool one that it gets stuck with you for long periods of time even when you don't want it to.

The single has a killer poop overtone that is really alternative pop if you pay attention. It has that edginess and a slight brooding darkness lurking just beneath the surface.

It does feel awesome to listen to. It sort of takes you to a different place for a moment. Those vocal melodies and the swagger behind that performance is perfect. It's got a character to it that feels right. It's actually a bit addicting really.

This had that great cinematic energy that let the song breathe and hit those builds the way it was meant to.

A nearly perfect performance by all parts, "Goodbye" hits you hard.

The best part is that if you dig this track, you're likely to dig a lot of their songs so we'd urge you to check out more.

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