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Sam Janesko Brings Experimental Rock To The Forefront

Sam Janesko is a songwriter at heart. His Revolving Man EP is made up of a boisterous combination of over dubbed guitars and clean singing. Produced, written and recorded by Janesko, this record gives a great clarity on how solo artists can achieve massive sounds all by themselves. And sometimes, that may be better. The record opens up with the swirly rock of "Breakthrough".

The song brings a lot of what's to come on the release. "Gosta Hosta" comes next and starts in on the experimental side of things. Wonderful guitars are scattered about the track and really fill the space. Next is "The Mouse's Tail", a song that reverses into existence and keeps your attention with it's dissonant pop rock elements.

"Po Mo Pie" may be the most fall into a deep trip in the desert sort of track. Neil Young might love this one if he heard it. Then there's the final send off "Metamorphic" which takes a sharp right into synth-wave. A perfectly vintage sound and still works with the EP somehow. A release well worth a spin!


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