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ReLoVe Drops A Song That Hits Home

ReLoVe seems to always have a unique approach to sending a message through music and with the new single dubbed "Somewhere", you get both the dark and light, positive and negative, beautiful and not-so-beautiful sides of a powerful message that talks about how people are drawn to certain places with a dream in mind or with freedom in mind and even though we can be amazing as human beings, are effect on the places that we are drawn to can end up on both sides of the spectrum.

This single is robust in not only its message but also its vocal performance and genuine classic rock drive which is something that I adore because when listening to this project you don't know exactly what you might get but you know it's going to be something impactful.

At times songs can be more whimsical but still boast a good message while not taking themselves too seriously however, "Somewhere" is a bit more on the serious side and this is where some of that more heavier hitting delivery comes from.

Helmed by singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Glenn Jost, ReLoVe is a way for him to bring up topics and talk about things that affect his thought process in what seems like his everyday life.

With a lot of the singles released, there is a music video and there's a lot of effort put into these as well especially with this one because the depth of the message gets across even better seeing the visuals that go along with the music.

Not only does this help the message get across, but it helps the intensity of the song get across as well.

I think this is a brilliant approach to creating music videos because it goes beyond just a band in a warehouse playing music.

It displays what the song is about right in front of you as it's unfolding and that's important when you're writing songs that actually have a message attached to them.

In the end, it felt like this song was about people. Human beings. We attempt our endeavors and reach for our goals or dreams, but at times don't pay attention to how we affect things like the environment or even other people while we're doing so.

Bu it's also about how we are beautiful humans and how we can do amazing things with ourselves and treat our surroundings and other people with brilliance and love.

There is a sort of undertone of existentialism attached to the track and for me, I enjoy this because it does make you think, and the premise and lyrical approach of the song is very descriptive and pretty straightforward.

Everything about the track is well put together and the performances are electric especially vocally because he belts out on this one when he wants to and delves into this kind of character in other sections where he's just telling you things you need to hear.

The track also features a secondary vocalist who adds a whole different layer to the vibe of the track and adds to that vastness and intensity as well.

The guitar work on this one is really impressive, especially in the intro to the track itself which has a way of reeling you in quickly and the whole thing does indeed have a sort of cinematic approach.

This is yet another track that hits in a very unique and particular way and stays with you musically and lyrically for quite some time.

These are the aspects that you can expect from ReLoVe and are just a few of the reasons why we enjoy the music so much.

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