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Real Deal Alt-Rock From Corner Creature

A new single release from Corner Creature hits that classic '90s alternative rock sweet spot with a radio friendly soundscape and energy that comes through driving and action-packed.

"Goat Farm" has a virtual plethora of guitar hooks and vocal hooks that both in combination create such a wild but catchy atmosphere and lets you get a feel for the staple sound of the band itself.

These guys have a clear love for their craft as they churn out this banger with charm and attitude.

Those guitar tones are pretty much perfect, and the riffs touch on and almost nostalgic alt Rock feel which for me, is comforting and familiar so the whole aesthetic is welcoming. And these guys nail it, so you definitely have a band here that is inspired by Real Deal, genuine alternative rock of the late 90s and that's the best kind there is.

Now there are other elements going on here of course but you definitely get attached to this song really quickly especially if you're a fan of the genre.

The drum Smash and the bass tone is massive but the best thing about this track is that it has a certain energy that feels like it's bouncing from musician to musician. So, in a way it's almost like this feels like a live performance.

This is a really cool aspect because that kind of thing most of the time is pretty hard to capture on record correctly, but these guys do it without a hitch.

This is definitely the kind of single that feels like you've been listening to it on the radio for the past 20 years and the production is also aesthetically perfect for the genre.

The whole approach of this track is to get you off your ass put in your fist in the air and singing along. You can bang your head, you can dance around the living room, but really this is one hell of an authentic rock single.

It's like a full-on love letter to the genre and you can tell everyone in the band really has that same passion because the song comes through with heart as well. And I know that sounds funny to say about an alternative rock single, but you have to have the right kind of performance to make a song like this work.

Really good alt rock songs aren't just about the songwriting or the arrangement. They are also about the performances and how they come through not just vocally, but those guitars are extremely important as well and on this single they're really played with some soul.

Yes, there's lots of soul involved with rock music but if you're a fan then you already know that.

For me, this song made me want to see these guys live for sure. It might do the same for you but either way this is a killer track done with character and if you love genuine alt rock then you have to hear this.

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