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Quizboy Hits Hard With A New Album

The latest full album release from Quizboy delivers a brutal and fiery heavy alt-rock fierceness that comes through with a ton of character and the ability to turn your head from across the room.

The Deadbeat record has a very unique persona that has a particular way of reaching out and grasping at you. This is something that is extremely appealing because a lot of music misses out on that these days.

Throughout the record, you get an array of aggressive but still catchy tracks that all hit like a sucker punch to the gut and leave behind a mark that makes you want to come back for more.

You can hear some of those late 90s and early 2000s underground metal and grunge influences coming through, but you also have a very unique spin on everything as well especially when it comes to the sonic presence of the guitar tones themselves.

It's the attitude, character, and guitar tone that serve as the glue that keeps everything confluent.

This is a big record and there are layers to be peeled back but throughout it all you definitely find yourself head banging and becoming addicted to the atmosphere the record creates.

There are definitely a few surprises around the corners of the record, and you can tell that this is all coming from people that have a pure love for their craft and enjoy the hell out of what they're doing.

One of the things I really love about this record is that it feels almost like a live-on-the-floor performance and maybe that's the way it was recorded.

When it's done you kind of want to just see this live because of that crazy energy that's captured in the first place.

There are more than a handful of singles strewn throughout the course of the record, but I think listening to this whole thing at once is the way to go.

Again, you get hints of different influences in rock and metal music as you listen to the album's playthrough, but the thing that really stands up right in front of you is that actual persona and that's something that also makes you feel a little bit more attached.

The record speaks volumes for Quizboy, especially in terms of massive creativity but also in terms of building a record from top to bottom and making it something that's all its own.

There's a lot to love on this album especially if you're a fan of Hard music that shakes the ground from the bottom up and lets a certain level of emotional attachment rip open for everyone to hear.

It doesn't really matter what the genre is, this is what we need in music.

We want to become attached to a record and the character that is shown and given.

I also love the fact that this is super heavy but not in any kind of classic metal or even classic alt-rock way.

The vocals are shredding, and you can feel the guttural intensity of the performances on pretty much all the tracks and this is part of why it almost feels like a live performance.

How do you gain that sort of crazy energy in a studio?

I'm not exactly sure how it works per se for everyone. I'm sure it's different for each artist and musician however, I do know that you have to be able to get into some kind of zone to harness that kind of electric approach and have it work and come through the way it was meant to.

It just seems like every song has that electricity harnessed and when you listen to the record all the way through you come out of it a little different.

This was a badass record and has a lot more than first meets the ears so I would definitely suggest just going straight through the album and feeding off that energy because that's what it's meant for, and it's fun as hell.

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