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Pet Dreams Delivers A Universal Indie-Pop Album

One of the latest releases from a project called Pet Dreams does quite a job of weaving songs that fall deep in the pocket of an indie pop universe but with each song on the new album, you get pulled to slightly different places and it's done with an intricate and warming sway.

The new Ocean View album uses a lot of fantastic ideology and arrangement approaches that help create a staple sound throughout the record.

There's plenty of dream pop pulsing through the veins of the release and there's something about it that gets you attached almost straight away.

There is an element that feels like this is a concept record as the songs have a strange way of connecting to each other and it also keeps a slight hint of fantasy.

There's a lot to this record and all in all it feels immense in a way but nothing overtaking or overpowering.

Everything is done with a sort of subtle dynamic that makes it all work in a forward moving flow.

The song writing itself is the biggest draw to this album and there is a little bit of gracefulness to it all.

At the end you actually begin to feel a connection to the songs and that in itself is really cool.

There are sound bites of happenings that also appear and disappear throughout the album and those also help form that connection. Like a Connection to the past.

I think this is a great example of indie pop and dream pop as well, that has some added meaning to it and some extra personality.

But don't take our word for it, have listen to the record and take from it what you will.

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