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Out Runner Releases An Outstanding Synthwave Single

A new single from Out Runner gives off an amazing and nostalgic synthwave tonality that breeds a cinematic approach and sends you off into a neon-lit atmosphere that frankly, you don't want to come back from.

"The Escape" comes in with a beautifully slow burn and as it comes into fruition, you can't help but picture these neo-futuristic images in your head.

The synths used for the track were perfectly chosen and the way the track is arranged lets it almost feel alive and breathing in a weird way.

Music like this really lets your mind travel far and wide and it's got a way of picking certain memories out of your brain and bringing them to the forefront.

This is a very unique thing in music but with this brand of synthwave, if you're of a certain age group especially, it's just going to happen because, for fans of the genre, there are things about it we hold on to, and don't want to let go of.

I'm sure it does have a lot to do with the nostalgia of everything and how this style of music makes us feel a certain way but that only happens when it's done right.

And it's definitely done right with this track.

This is not just a free flow. There's a lot of attention to detail in the way the song builds and where it goes along with such colorful characteristics and synth riffs that let the song come alive.

This track has an amazing way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

Rarely have you had as much fun getting engulfed by something like this and it feels really good to just let it happen and go with the flow.

This is a perfect example of escapism in music.

This song lets you escape to a different place even just within your own head and you end up forgetting about your surroundings almost like reading a good book for example.

Things like that feel good. To be able to escape your reality for a moment and drift off.

Music like this lets your imagination sort of run wild and I think we all need that more than every once in a while.

The production of the release is outstanding and everything was mixed to perfection with such wonderful intricacy but it's still always having this certain heart to it that never goes away.

That element of picturing some sort of montage from a science fiction film in the mid-1980s is so thick that you don't need anything else to keep your attention.

To make music like this you have to have a real love for the craft and obviously Out Runner has exactly that because you can hear it throughout the song.

This is the type of stuff that's done as a pure passion project.

He's not looking to get anything out of it, he just wants to create this music to feel good and to have others feel something from it as well which I certainly did.

I'm a child of the '80s. I'm a VHS collecting, video game loving, child of the '80s and this track hit all the sweet spots that it needed to to make me feel like it was part of a chapter of my own life at one time.

You just don't get stuff like that anymore and so it's amazing to hear it and to feel it.

Most songs don't let your imagination run wild like this one does. and it's so refreshing to let it take over.

If you need me, I'll be in the garage playing my Gallaga arcade and listening to everything I can from this artist.

If you were like me, you should do the same.

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