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NONĒ SUNSHINE is an alternative rock band from Denver. Composed primarily of only two members, it’s impressive that such a large, well-composed, full-band sound has resulted from this creative duo. Their music has such a huge live energy to it that I would’ve been shocked to see only two members on stage at one of their shows.

I love the forlorn acoustic guitar on “Stumble” — that chord progression leaves a sharp pang in the soul. And with the twangy, bent notes of the sizzling lead acoustic guitar atop it, the song really carries a deeply somber energy. Yet, energy is the key word; the emotive vocals and downtrodden chord progression don’t take away from the electrifying performance and real vibrancy of the track. There’s pain in the sound, but it’s packaged in a loud, captivating way, especially when the massive, distorted, electric guitar chords burst into the mix during the choruses. With powerful, guttural singing atop the face-melting guitar, the song really reaches some powerful peaks.

And “Beautiful” certainly lives up to its title. It’s another song driven by a melancholic chord progression, this time played on a slightly-distorted electric guitar, and reverberating lead guitar notes groan in the distance. The loud-quiet dynamic really brings this band to life, once again. Tender vocals in the verses transcend into booming, arena-worthy vocals during the grand choruses. Again, I can really envision NONĒ SUNSHINE playing these songs to a ginormous crowd at a huge concert. The energy of the track screams “arena band” to me, so I really hope to see NONĒ SUNSHINE in big lights at some point.

“Everything She Said” opens with a distorted, melancholic, electric guitar rhythm. Crooning, emotive vocals surge into the mix, along with a booming drum beat, and everything explodes into magnificent choruses. Scorching power chords, a punchy drum beat, and elongated notes sung by a singer with an immense voice — these components combine to create a song that truly, as I said in the opening paragraph, highlight this band’s potential to light up a stadium. Anthemic music. That’s how I’d describe it. The hook in the chorus feels cathartic, and the sonic styling of the track definitely lends itself to arena-filling performances. Massive song. Great work.

This is a band with a lot of potential.

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