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Naga Brujo Comes In Swinging

Naga Brujo is ramping up for an EP release and we got to hear one of the first singles from the record which basically blew our minds with a grungy, fuzztone, and massive rock banger that dealt out a quirky style and an endlessly fun approach and energy that becomes insanely infectious.

"Sick Sad World" is a thrasher, and it hits like a blitzkrieg as it blends this deep and distorted bass tone with guitars and character riddled vocals along with destructive drumming and it all comes together with one hell of a bang.

Your blood starts pumping, you feel this sort of crazy energy in your bones, and right then, they break into a half time section with sick melodic guitars, and it all feels like a sucker punch to the back of the head.

These guys are like a cross of Death From Above 1979 , Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Red Knife Lottery, and with the vibrancy and craziness of a punk band.

They take their own approach to melting faces, and it works like a damn charm.

You almost immediately want to see them live because the track itself boasts so much life and you just know they will crush everything in a performance right in front of your face.

"Sick Sad World" is like whiplash only it lasts a bit longer. It hits hard and never lets up and that vast and heavy tonality is very addictive all in all.

There is no way you can sit still through this tack. You feel the want to get up and jump around the room, head bang, just .... move.

This was one of the most fun heavy rock bangers I've heard in ages and it's loose and driving feel is what makes it so good.

We can't wait for this EP.

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