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The Edgy And Vast Sound Of My Lesser Being

A new EP release from My Lesser Being comes through as a rich and full-bodied post punk and darkwave blast with deepened premise and cinematic undertones that swell and sway whole vocals hold brightened but edgy surprises and it all creates an unstoppable atmosphere.

The coolest thing about the self-titled EP release is that the songs manage to build to explosion and when it happens it's so impactful and driving that you can't sit still.

This record bangs and crashes with epic sonic presence and with each song you get the feeling of a dark inner self creeping out from within.

The release would be an amazing soundtrack for a horror or even action film.

You get the eerie undertones, but you also get these fun dance vibes and as synths swirl around you, vocals become soothing and peaceful in a way.

An incredibly inventive record, My Lesser Being does a great job of painting vivid pictures through sound and they paint with such a lush palette its outstanding.

You get all kinds of surprises and unexpected turns, vocal harmonies, percussion changes, piano parts, and it all gives you this almost nostalgic feeling.

Crossing borders between genres, guitars thrive, beats are thick, and it all has a way of making the hairs on your arms stand up.

This EP has a powerful tonality behind it and there was an intensity it brings.

You can clearly hear the attention to detail and how much the intricacies were worked over as the record was pretty much perfect mx and production wise.

This was a soiree of beautifully textured and arranged sounds that really work together so well it's creepy.

Plus, its super fun and incredibly danceable.

Meant to be played loud so crank this one and go through the whole record not just one song.

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