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MURF ramps up for an album with some killer singles

One of the latest singles from MURF hits a blistering and thrashing tonality with a deepening and high-octane metal approach that blends into hardcore and breaks into augmented chords with vast undertones before busting back into a hard-hitting and neck-breaking fierceness.

The track is called "5 Iron" and comes right in with a massive almost punk undertone with fast-paced drums and these refs that just destroy right from the get-go, and at times this song makes me think of a combination of Mr. Bungle and the Dillinger Escape Plan so, if you're familiar with those bands or into that kind of music then this is a band that you will absolutely love because they take all these elements and more and roll them into one fat song that hits like a sucker punch to the gut.

This is an insanely mosh pit worthy track with several instances of almost classic hardcore breakdown halftime sections that make you want to jump a couple of feet in the air along with everything and it's been a while since I heard a track that was produced this well that had that kind of attribute to it.

This was a thrashing good time and as I said before, the production is really well done so everything comes across with this thick metal feel especially in terms of the guitar tone and the bass tone.

The drumming is ridiculous and it makes you tired even just listening to it which is always a good part of great metal music however, these guys take all these different sorts of subgenres and put them into one track which gives you a little bit of a glimpse of what we might expect from their upcoming full-length album which is set to be released on the 28th of this month.

One of the things that hits the hardest about this track is the pure raw energy of the whole thing as if it was recorded live-on-the-floor and everyone in the band was just feeding off of each other the entire time.

Even if I'm wrong about the whole live-on-the-floor aspect, listening to this track alone makes you want to go see them live simply because if the energy on the recording is captured this well, then seeing them live just be face-melting.

The album is called Already Dead and as the band ramps up to release it they also dropped another single called "Pigeon Rat" which is another hardcore Thrasher that delivers all the best parts of the genre and more.

One of the things that I love about these two songs in particular is that the band did have music videos for both of these songs and when you watch them you get a much more in-depth look at the character of this band itself.

Both of these videos are completely different from the other but they both show this intensity and fiery level of not only energy but creativity.

This band is all in when they do their thing, and you can tell that all of it comes from having a pure love for their craft.

Now, when I say that I don't just mean playing guitar or shredding the drums or delivering fierce vocals, I mean writing songs together that just come in to destroy and putting them out into the world so people can feel that level of intensity in their bones.

This is what these songs accomplish and I'm sure that the full album is going to have more of this greatness.

There are influences of tons of other bands in the music. I just named a few of my favorites that I clearly heard in the songs that I was able to listen to so far, but I can tell you right now, anyone that has a real love for good threshing metal or hardcore music is going to fall right in love with these guys.

We embedded the video for "5 Iron" below so you can get a little glimpse but I would suggest also listening to " Pigeon Rat" as well so you can get even more of a spectrum of what these guys deliver.

Turn this nice and loud and don't forget where you heard it first.

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