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Molly D'Ago Releases an Alt-Rock Single

A new single release from Molly D'Ago brings out a lush and honest alternative rock soundscape that blends as much character as it does edginess and boasts a heavily melodic feel that delivers an Anthony chorus and powerful songwriting.

"Someone Just Like You" comes through with a lot of persona which is something that you get attached to very quickly along with the authentic feeling that this certainly did come from someplace real.

The guitar tone across the song lets it reach that heavy undertone and the vocals are bountiful but melodic and soulful at the same time so you get this blend of smooth and heaviness and when they come together you get this really big and vast sound, and it creates an atmosphere that you can fall right into.

This track creates quite an impactful feel but that has a lot to do with the actual delivery of not just the vocals, but the entire track because at times it feels almost like a live performance where all the players are feeding off of each other's energies.

The track boasts a sort of cinematic backbone and that comes from how open and vast the track comes through and the whole thing is incredibly memorable and relatable at the same time.

The song has to do with a struggle, lies, and deceit but there's also a light at the end of the tunnel and this is part of why the track is so incredibly relatable.

Music like this because we all go through different emotions and struggles and believe me, the song is very emotionally driven however, not a lot of us can articulate those emotions into words let alone music so when you hear an artist like Molly come along and put it all together and have it make so much sense it's incredible.

This is the type of song that you can take how you want and a lot of us will relate to it from our own life situations at one point or another and this is part of why the track feels like it can serve as the soundtrack to a chapter in your own life and this makes the whole song super connective.

This is an attribute I adore because we don't get it often so when you do have it, it's refreshing.

This track is coming from an artist that puts her all into what she's doing, and she uses her music as a way to release certain kinds of feelings and emotions which is what makes it all so powerful in the first place.

Perhaps this was even a bit cathartic for Molly to write and release.

Either way, the song certainly left a mark on me and will for anyone else who loves heavy alternative rock music but with a message and a purpose behind it.

There's no emptiness in this song and there's nothing cookie-cutter about it either.

The song presented such a catchy and addictive combination of that hard-hitting heavy alt-rock sound but also with a gracefulness in the tonality of the vocals that complemented each other perfectly.

Check this track out as soon as you can and remember where you heard it first.

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