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Mike Kidoo Gets Driven Mad

The latest upcoming release from Mike Kiddoo dubbed 'Drive Me Mad" is total rock fun and stylish attitude from beginning to end.

The track has a soulful vocal approach in the vein of Prince or Lenny Kravitz while piano keeps the verses going until it's massive chorus hits.

This track has gusto and power behind it. You can hear alternative rock influence and the song keeps to a pop songwriting arrangement as it rocks on.

An absolute good time through and through, "Drive Me Mad" is the type of song you crank up the volume for.

You can tell this was a fun project for Kiddoo and music is like second nature to the artist.

This song has all the makings of a radio single and only gets bigger and bigger until it's end. Incredibly satisfying to listen to, Mike Kiddoo has done it again.

Though this song isn;t out just yet, it's coming. But in the meantime check out his SPOTIFY for all the other singles released this year.

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