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Mike Cullison - Two For The Road

Mike Cullison, an Oklahoma native steeped in the traditions of roadhouse blues and country roots-rock, has finely honed his songwriting craft under the mentorship of luminaries like Don Goodman, Johnny Neel (of the Allman Brothers), and Mike Stergis (of Crosby, Stills & Nash). His musical palette, described as a blend of early rock n' roll and classic country, draws inspiration from the eclectic tastes of his upbringing, weaving together a tapestry that spans Americana styles from Bakersfield to hybrid zydeco-Cajun blues.

Recently unveiling Two For The Road, Cullison's latest offering is a testament to his diverse influences and adept musical storytelling. The opening track, "Comin’ To Me," emanates an organic, warm and inviting vibe. With a captivating groove driven by slide guitar, drums, bass and soulful vocals, Cullison's delivery immediately grabs attention. The amalgamation of emotion in his vocals, coupled with infectious melodies, invites listeners to sing along after just a couple of spins. The song features a killer instrumental breakdown, skillfully executed without veering into excess.

Transitioning to "When We Lie Together," the song maintains a similar vibe but with a nuanced energy. This track creates a tranquil atmosphere, inducing a state of relaxation and calm—a musical respite for letting go of worries. Cullison's vocals, sounding inviting and sincere, are complemented by what seems like a mandolin, adding a touch of brilliance. The dynamics of the song, especially in a section that elevates its intensity, contribute to its overall impact. The live performance, capped with a brief round of applause, defies belief with its studio-quality production. In both songs, Cullison proves his prowess as a songwriter and performer.

For those captivated by this release, delving into his broader catalog promises a rich listening experience. Two For The Road stands as a compelling showcase of Cullison's musical artistry, highly recommended for enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of blues, country and Americana.

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