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Micah Reynolds Redefines Indie Pop Music

If you haven't heard any Micah Reynolds, and you think you know all about indie-poo music, then you need to shush and play yourself some Micah Reynolds like right now.

Most of the artists releases tear through indie-pop like there's no tomorrow using raw emotion, and some gracefully performed instrumentation, but we are particular to a few that really stand out.

He has this single called "mom jeans" and it's ultra-catchy and quirky. It has a solid vibe and feels like something you'd hear on the radio these days without question.

This was the main track sent to us and we do love this. It's a damn good single. But if you have some time to check out Micah's stuff, we'd begin with his 2021 single "It's A Very Strange Time".

We say this just because you should get more acquainted with the kind of songs Reynolds writes when he's feeling a lot.

"It's A Very Strange Time" is more of an example of one of those and there are a lot of those.

They will make you feel also.

After that, swing to Beautifully Distorted which is the album that "mom jeans" comes from.

Tons of great songs.

Then jump to The Vibrant Now which is his actual newest release as an EP.

There is a bit to swim around in but if you are a real indie-pop fan. You won't want to miss Micah Reynolds.

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