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Marc Schuster Returns With An Alt-Pop Single

If there's anyone we are pretty much always excited to hear new music from it's Mark Schuster and this is because he always has such an inventive and unique approach to song building and being able to add new sounds as the song plays on to create this refreshing and lush sort of atmosphere that gets delivered by halfway through the track.

The latest track called "Take Away Your Pain" is certainly no exception as the song starts in one place and ends in a different place altogether but still keeps to this same kind of vast and cinematic backbone with all these cool and inventive elements that create not just textures of sound but also additional percussion and rhythm patterns that bounce in between the main beat so it all kind of grows outward in different ways.

I adore this track and how it keeps to this sort of chill vibe the entire time even as it builds and gets a little bit more intense here and there the song has this breathing feeling and it does have these great synth and guitar elements that pop in and out as the song goes on.

This is, to me, an alternative pop approach and the song does come out with these little elements of post-punk here and there but it's a blend of a certain kind of color and a certain kind of edginess that come together and create his sound.

These elements have become a staple for listening to his music and something that I have not just come accustomed to, but come to love and expect from the artist.

Luckily for me, this is always delivered and done with a certain charm as well.

A lot of his material is more of an experience than just a song itself and you can sort of immerse yourself in it for a good four and a half minutes with this one which feels awesome to do.

I'm always a big fan of being able to step outside of your comfort zone musically and forget about your surroundings for a minute or two while listening to something that takes you away to a different place altogether.

The attitude is just as cool as ice and the song gives the air of mystery in a certain way like watching a noir film and black and white.

The track has these attributes that let you become a little bit more attached to you but also gives the song this certain kind of allure right from the get-go and certainly serves up what you want and more by the end of the song.

It's also a bit danceable as well and has a great group to it so it's got these catchy elements that are just beneath the surface and all of these things put together make for something that's memorable but also a little refreshing and new.

Listening to Marc's music puts you in a certain state of mind almost like a trance in a weird way that you don't even realize you're in until the songs stop and this is a perfect example of exactly that.

I enjoyed the hell out of this one from start to finish and if you like music that sort of takes you away a little bit and gives you inventive composition and arrangement, then this is the kind of stuff that you are going to like.

This is a great track that boasts a sort of classic alternative pop soundscape.

Take a listen to this now and remember where you heard it first.

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