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Mad Painter Releases Splashed

A new release from Mad Painter walks the line between something of a rock opera or concept album and a classic rock release with all the bells and whistles you could possibly want from one of this nature complete with memorable hooks and choruses and instrumentation along with songwriting approach that really brings up the fact that a lot of classic artists influenced this project.

The album is dubbed Splashed, and it is comprised of a series of about 17 tracks that all have a way of telling a little bit of a different story but also painting this picture like it's a theatrical release of some sort.

You get whaling pianos and rock guitar tones that complement each other along with vocals that are alive and breathing which put out so much character in the delivery that it's impossible to turn away from.

It's definitely been quite some time since I've heard a rock record of this nature and how conceptualized it all feels.

This makes it very enticing and very welcoming because you're able to step into a different world for a good chunk of time and be able to just get wrapped up in it.

I really miss records like this because they are a form of escapism and that's something I think good music should be doing. Letting you escape from your own reality to enjoy someone else's vision for a while before having to snap back into your own skin again.

In that sense, it's almost like reading a good book or watching a good film. Possibly even like watching a good play because again, that theatrical tonality is wonderfully heavy-handed here.

The songs do have this unique way of connecting with each other and perhaps the whole thing tells a grander story but within the album, there are a number of songs that stand on their own two feet as singles.

With that being said, I do suggest that you carve out some time to listen to this album as a whole because that is definitely the way it was meant to be soaked in.

There was a lot of heart and yet attention to detail strewn across the creation of this opus of an album, and that is something that you can hear if you listen to the whole thing through.

There's definitely planning, and arrangement done to make this work as a whole, but it never loses that soul or that heart the entire time.

In a way, it is indeed painting a picture for you and it's a really fun and colorful one to be able to soak in because as you do you can actually visualize certain things.

This is also something I haven't come across on a record in quite some time, especially in the rock genre.

This was 100% refreshing and came through with such a strong persona that it carries on with you throughout the day once you're done listening.

Another aspect of this release that really caught me was just the sheer energy behind it and how it felt like you're almost watching this all get performed live right in front of you.

I definitely like having that energy thrown at me so that I can get engulfed in it.

Between all these elements you really get pulled into this record quickly and it has a wonderful way of keeping you right where it wants to.

This definitely comes from a person or people with an absolute massive love for what they do and for the genre.

Again, you will need to carve out a little bit of time to listen to all 17 songs here, but it's well worth it and endlessly fun.

I would definitely suggest joining Mad Painter on this rock soiree.

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