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Kaptain Kollnot Release New Music

Kaptain Kollnot's latest offering, "Mankinds," serves as a nostalgic throwback to the heyday of 80s metal, evoking memories of headbanging sessions to the likes of Metallica and their brethren. In a landscape where metal's fervor sometimes wanes, this track stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the genre. 

Crafted by a trio comprising Stu Block on session vocals, Jeff Kollnot handling guitars and bass duties, and Eric Landon providing the relentless backbone on drums, "Mankinds" wastes no time in asserting its ferocity. From the blistering onset, Landon's drumming prowess is on full display, setting a breakneck pace that leaves one in awe of his stamina. While the initial riffage may nod to Metallica's early catalog, "Mankinds" swiftly evolves, morphing into a more glam-rock-infused sound reminiscent of Mötley Crüe. 

This sonic shift happens with a fluidity that works, ensuring that listeners remain engaged throughout the track's duration. Yet, it's in the song's latter half where "Mankinds" truly hits its stride, unleashing an onslaught of intensity that borders on the sublime. With a guitar solo that blazes like a wildfire around the three-minute mark, Jeff Kollnot's virtuosity takes center stage, leaving jaws agape in its wake. The ensuing crescendo, punctuated by an epic drum build, culminates in a climax that leaves a lasting impression. 

Admittedly, the transition back into the chorus may feel somewhat abrupt, yet this minor quibble does little to detract from the overall impact of the track. For fans of the aforementioned bands, "Mankinds" is a sonic feast that reignites the flame of metal's glory days, reminding us of the genre's enduring allure. With offerings like these, Kaptain Kollnot proves that the spirit of metal lives on, burning bright as ever.

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