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A Fresh Banger From K.Rich

K.Rich dropped a fresh banger that showcases his unique and powerful style which blends in a crips flow and some swagger and rolls it into a catchy pop chorus that you can't get out of your head.

"Plate of Gold" is absolutely tasteful, high energy, vibrant as hell, and lets the artists presence really shine.

K.Rich is meant for the big leagues and songs like this are proof of it all. The track has no empty space in it. It never loses its edginess or its catchiness.

The beat is colorful, and the performance is unstoppable

You can clearly hear the heart Krich puts into his songs and how he actually uses personal perspectives and honest lyrics a lot.

His material uses emotional drive whether its sadness, aggression, or inspiration and that's something you don't always get in hip hop.

That brutal honesty and wearing his heart on his sleeve the way he does it.

The raps are fresh, and they whip with a boundless set of lyrical phrasing and style.

There is always something outside the box in terms of the production. Something always stands out and makes each song different from the last and with each new track comes a new freshness that really works so well its crazy.

"Plate Of Gold" is a blast but if you like that one, you'll love other tracks from his catalogue.

This was a killer so keep a close eye out for K.Rich.

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