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Interview With N.A.S.H.

A new heavy handed rock banger from N.A.S.H. brings alternative rock, metal, grunge and even some pop-punk together in a huge way with massive guitars and a deepening cinematic tonality.

"Scary House" is absolutely anthemic and gigantic and there are changes you just aren't expecting that sneak up on you and make the hairs on your arms stand up straight the first time you hear them.

This track has some wonderfully woven sections and an arrangement that sort of whisks you away to another place all together.

The song has its heavy parts and even those are done with a little element of surprise and a gracefulness you never really get from a heavy alternative rock band.

It's refreshing in a number of ways and addicting in even more.

One of our favorite things about this track aside from the insanely catchy and surprising vocal melodies produced here is that there is a killer guitar solo section that's tasteful and perfected.

Like, where have you been guitar solo that really has heart? We've missed the hell out of you.

The video for the single is also outstanding. Filmed with some great acting and a touch of horror movie grit, everything comes through and steals your attention the whole time.

With such a massive release, we wanted to touch base with N.A.S.H. to find out more. So, we did just that.

Buzzslayers: Okay so let's start things off with "Scary House". This track has a killer alternative rock overtone but hints of pop-punk peeking through! Where did this track come from?

Jim Bobbi: I didn’t write it! When it came to the drum track, I wanted something subtle with hints of music that you could possibly hear at a circus. There is some side sticking on the snare remind of a circus.

Joe: It came from Bryan’s sick twisted mind!

Bryan: I was inspired after watching a documentary about the 45-caliber killer aka The Son of Sam.

Buzzslayers: I'm certainly hearing some different styles mixed in on this one. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Jim Bobbi: The Police, Rush, Queen

Joe: Metallica, Alice in Chains, Pantera to name a few. Some people have said our sound harkens back to 90s alternative, but most of our beloved bands are older hard rock and metal musicians.

Dylan: Stone Sour, Avenged Sevenfold, Bayside

Bryan: Pearl Jam, KISS, Shinedown, Metallica, Ghost, Black Sabbath

Buzzslayers: The video for 'Scary House" was amazing! Did you guys come up with the ideas?

Jim Bobbi: Ah, thank you! We really appreciate that. This was our first music video that was a concept video rather than a performance one. We really wanted to tell a story with it. I wrote out the entire script. It was heavily influenced by imagery from novels by Stephen King, nightmares I’ve had and trying to come up with what would be the scariest house for a serial killer.

Bryan: We knew we would have to really make a strong concept to keep people interested, so I begged the question: What is a 'Scary House' to a serial killer?

Answer: Home Sweet Home. Hiding in plain sight. Living in an average home. An act. To hide something twisted. That has to be hell. Once we figured that out, we were on the hunt for the cleanest, brightest and most welcoming house with a white picket fence. Then drop a psychopath in the middle who is tired of the mask and wants to shed it.

Joe: Jim Bobbi wrote most of it, but we all contributed through the process. It was my idea to smash Bryan’s face in the cake

Buzzslayers: So how did all of this really start for you?

Jim Bobbi: For ¾ of the band, we all met up by birth. Bryan and Joe are my older brothers.

Joe: It began with Bryan learning how to play guitar and playing solo shows and some shows with other bands. The band was originally Bryan, Joe, and our father, Joe, and eventually evolved into what it is today, with the lineup changing through the years. We knew we wanted to have a fourth member join the band, so we actually put up an ad on Craigslist.

Dylan: I was looking for another band to join and I found the ad and the rest is history!

Buzzslayers: Do you all do any live performances?

Jim Bobbi: We love performing live. It is one of my favorite things about being in a band. Getting up there and letting it go. Hoping there are people in the audience that can connect with our music.

Joe: Yes! It is the most important part of our band.

Bryan: Lately, live performances have been less and less with Covid, but we managed to play Blue Ridge Rock Festival last September and have a show at Debonair Music Hall in Jersey for Halloween.

Buzzslayers: What kind of things inspire you to write?

Bryan: Past experiences, nightmares, fears.

Joe: Pain, experience, and desire.

Buzzslayers: What's next for you as a band? Is there anything new in the works even now?

Jim Bobbi: We want to go back into the studio this year. We have 1 song that we started recording, but still need to finish up. And we want to make more music videos.

Bryan: We have about 30 songs that we need to sift through.

Joe: We plan to keep writing and playing bigger and better shows. We are not sure what touring even looks like for anyone nowadays, so we are trying new things in hopes it gets our music out there.

Buzzslayers: How do you guys write your songs? In the studio together or is there one main songwriter?

Jim Bobbi: Most of the time Bryan has written the lyrics to a song and then he will show us what he has and together as a band we write the parts for our instruments.

Joe: All of our songs have had different processes, but we found the best material we put out is when we get together in the studio and put all our heads together. Sometimes it starts with a riff that Bryan or Dylan wrote, but in the end, it is a collaborative effort.

Buzzslayers: What are you all doing when you're NOT working on music?

Jim Bobbi: Listen to music, reading and playing the original Zelda on Nintendo… still the greatest game ever.

Joe: Playing video games, painting action figures, and oh, raising children

Bryan: I’ve gotten really into woodworking and building things lately.

Buzzslayers: This track feels like a big undertaking. What kind of advice would you have for other up and coming bands out there?

Jim Bobbi: Believe in what you are doing, make a plan and stay organized. But if you don’t believe it in 110%, then it isn’t worth it. If you do believe, there is no amount of work that you aren’t going to put in.

Joe: Put money into your art and try different avenues of attack. Just because a formula worked for a band does not mean it is going to work from you. Making it is equal parts luck, talent, investment, and innovation.

Buzzslayers: Okay so you all wake up in the middle of the night starving. What are your go-to midnight snacks? (a question of character here)

Jim Bobbi: Dunkaroos, beef jerky, pop tarts.

Joe: Truly have never had a midnight snack in my life. I drink water.

Bryan: Doritos

Buzzslayers: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

Jim Bobbi: For starters, thank you! We appreciate that you appreciate our work. And just you wait… because there’s more to come!

Joe: Keep watching, buy a shirt or ten, but most importantly, engage with us. We love hearing and responding to comments and messages!

Bryan: Stay tuned!

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